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Real estate in Transylvania

You want to buy a property in Transylvania?


As a German entrepreneurial couple, we help you on site with commitment, reliability and fair conditions to achieve your goals and wishes.


We offer you 2 ways to search for real estate in Transylvania.


Decide for yourself which form of property search appeals to you personally, or contact us if you have any questions.




Search for real estate in Transylvania with a search request and real estate consultant


  • After a free and non-binding initial consultation, you will receive our contract for the property search in Transylvania.
  • There you enter all the details of your dream property (e.g. location, plot size, budget, etc.).
  • Immediately after receiving the contract, we will start with the individual search for your dream property in Transylvania.
  • Before we provide a service that is subject to a fee (e.g. property inspection), we discuss it with you and estimate the costs.
  • You therefore have full cost control at all times.


Crucially, however, as your advisor, we only have to represent your interests and therefore almost always achieve large discounts on purchase prices.


Click here to find out more about property search with search order and property advice.




Property search in Transylvania with real estate agent


As a real estate agent, we go into submission with all services (e.g. property inspections). Only when you buy a property in Romania will we be reimbursed for our efforts in the form of a commission.


You can find our real estate portfolio on HTTPS://RUMAENIEN.IMMO.


The decisive factor, however, is that as an estate agent we are a neutral intermediary between the seller and the buyer. When it comes to purchase prices, we as estate agents achieve lower discounts, as we also have to protect the interests of the property seller.


Click here to learn more about property search with estate agents.



Contact us

We speak german and english.


Fixed phone: ​+40 359 412 392

Mobile phone/Whatsapp: ​+40 770 317 022

E-mail: info@izbuc37.com

Business hours

Monday to Friday:

06.00 - 12.00 and 14.00 - 18.00 (Romania) 


Outside these hours by appointment only.

Your advantages

Izbuc 37: neutrale, professionelle Beratung neutral and professional counselling

Izbuc 37: deutschsprachige Beratung in Rumänien english-speaking partner on site

Izbuc 37: engagierter und zuverlässiger Partner in Rumänien committed and reliable

Izbuc 37: Beratung in Rumänien over 25 years experience as a consultant

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